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Monday, July 9, 2007

The New Arab Piece Deal

Have you noticed how any peace deal that the Arabs offer starts of with what Israel will concede to the Arabs?
Have you ever thought maybe the Arabs need to offer something other than promises that are broken later, something that's 'physical' in return for peace with Israel?

Surely Egypt could offer part of its country to the Palestinians, Lebanon or maybe Syria? or even Jordan? Why not? They all profited historically from the break up of the British Mandate.

Why not offer Israel Part of Mecca to reach a just and lasting peace?

Huh? Why does this sound so far fetched? Well, why then is it acceptable to expect any part of Jerusalem, which is the essence of being Jewish, being traded for peace?

What about the thousands upon thousands of displaced Jews who never received any kind of compensation for being expelled from Arab Lands?

With Muslims having direct control over the vast majority of the Middle East, why is Israel who is by far one of the tiniest countries in the middle East expected to give such huge concessions?

The answer is, its not really a peace offering, its simply a ploy to gain more land by the Arab/Muslim Nations, under the guise of seemingly offering peace.


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